What we do

The following are programs created and managed by Community Minds. We also offer training, professional support and consultancy services, and are experienced in community event design and management.

Community Minded Kids

Community Minded Kids (CMK) is a school-based community building program designed to teach primary school students about community building, encouraging participation in community and inspiring them to instigate changes that positively impact their communities. Click here for more about CMK.

Community Minded Leaders

Community Minded Leaders (CML) is an initiative that aims to educate and inspire young people to lead change with others in making their community a better place. By building the capacity of young people in community development building, they gain more confidence in being active contributors and change agents in making a difference in the world. Click here for more about CML.

Community Minded Businesses

Community Minded Businesses (CMB) is an initiative aimed at enhancing the capacity of the business community to create positive change in their communities and the world. CMB initiative aims to inspire and support the for-profit sector to engage in purposeful and community minded practices. Click here for more about CMB.

Consultancy & Training

Our training, professional support and consultancy services focus on educating and empowering community groups, community and humanitarian-based organisations, as well as private enterprises in a range of areas related to building and nurturing communities. We love working with others to support them in better servicing and working with their communities. Click here for more about Consultancy and Training.

Community Events

We run our own community events, as well as help others organise and run events in their communities with a focus on building and strengthening social cohesion and solidarity among diverse groups in community. Click here for more about Community Events.”