Community Minded Citizens

What is Community Minded Citizens

Community Minded Citizens (CMC) is a capacity building program launched in 2023, adding to the innovative suite of programs Community Minds delivers.

CMC was created to support humanitarian, community services and human services sector in their delivery of services, programs and initiatives for new migrants and refugees. Strengthening sector capability to support and build the capacity of entrants for improved social participation and integration is a core focus of the initiative.

Community Minded Citizens aims to

  • Provide professional training, support, mentoring and resources that help facilitate the successful integration of refugees and newly arrived migrants into their communities of settlement.
  • Foster inclusion and belonging for new migrants which will assist in building their confidence, create connections and contribute to their communities.
  • Invigorate and bring to life ‘community’ for migrants and refugees who have left their established communities and are feeling isolated and disconnected.
  • Highlight the assets, contributions, aspirations and skills of migrants and that settlement in their host country is not a problem to be solved but an opportunity to cultivate community minded citizens, who with the right support will thrive and give back to their host country.

As experts in Community Development, Community Minds understands the importance of connecting and integrating migrants in the community. Successful integration helps build stronger, more inclusive, and cohesive communities with multiple benefits for the host community and country, as well as for the migrants themselves.