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It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognise, accept and celebrate those differences.

Audre Lorde

Cross-Cultural Feastings & Festivals

Cross-cultural education and enrichment is a very important part of building social cohesion and harmony in communities. We want to move beyond tokenism and tolerance creating accessible initiatives for citizens and families, promoting the richness of the cultures and faiths that make up our communities.

At Community Minds, we are passionate about creating fun events that celebrate diversity and challenge misconceptions and stereotypes of certain cultural and religious groups.

Our Family Feastings, community festivals and cultural events bring to life the cultural assets that make for richer and more abundant communities.

Family Feasting Events

Our Family Feastings focus on providing educational cultural and culinary presentations and interactive activities, including storytelling and trivia.

Our Feastings focus on a particular culture/ethnicity, including Indigenous and emerging and newly arrive communities. We run the feastings at community venues that have a kitchen and food prep and eating space.

Family Feastings @ Home
Another creative way we have delivered the Family Feasting experience is through home- delivered cultural food packs, which are great way to keep families engaged during challenges time such as the COVID19 pandemic. It’s also provides food security to families, as most of the food contents are pantry items.


What we aim do through the Family Feastings
Family Feastings aim to challenge negative media stereotypes and foster a sense of community, social connection, belonging and pride in relation to culture, identity and place.

Family Feastings also aim to:

  • Celebrate the diverse communities and faiths in our community
  • Highlight the cultural and artistic richness of these cultures
  • Provide an opportunity for families in the community to learn more about these cultures and to create an accessible platform for that interaction to take place.


Through Family Feasting events, we also aim to demonstrate that culture is not exclusive, and that different practices and experiences can respectably be shared with people from different cultures.

A key message is that, we have a lot to learn from others and be enriched by cultural wisdom and practices. Artistic and culinary expressions of culture are very effective and can help facilitate cross-cultural engagement and appreciation.

This particular model aims to engage children and their carers/parents in learning about different cultures in their community, as well as educate them about the communities that make up this world.

Are interested in attending or participating in a Family Feasting event?
For upcoming Family Feasting events check out our “What’s On?” page

Are you interested in running a Family Feasting event in your location?
Community Minds can help any group set up their very own feasting experience anywhere in Australia. For more information about the support we provide, including fees and conditions, please Contact Us.

Cross-Cultural Events

At Community Minds we believe that cross-cultural experiences should not be token or inaccessible. We aim to provide culturally appropriate and accessible experiences allowing communities to gain access to the wisdom and richness of cultures that make up our communities.

Ultimately, we go beyond “Culturaltainment, providing people with an enjoyable but enriching and educational experience, not just mere entertainment.

Cross-Cultural Events

If you want to run a cross-cultural event or festival our events team can help you:

  • Develop a unique cross-cultural event concept that effectively engages your audience
  • Organise your event, including sourcing vendors and artists
    Manage your event from conception to post event, including assisting with publicity and marketing
  • Set up an interactive cultural experience for participants at conferences and events
  • We can provide online support for locations outside of Sydney
  • Examples of cross-cultural events that our experienced team have implemented are cultural themed Pop Up Restaurants, cultural food cook-offs and fun cultural food activities for team bonding, fundraisers and group/work functions.

Contact us for more information about our event services.