Community Minded Kids

What is Community Minded Kids

Community Minded Kids is a unique community building program designed to teach children about community building and participation and empowering them to collaborate in citizen- driven community efforts.

We cannot effectively develop and strengthen communities without including children in the process. We do not want to wait until their adults to equip them with the mindset and tools to be compassionate, caring and confident community contributors.


Community Minded Kids program runs for a full school term, combining in school and out of school community learning, discoveries and activities.
The program supports and resources teachers to deliver community focused lessons and discussions; enhancing students understanding of community, encouraging their involvement and participation, as well as their empathy in relation to issues that impact groups and communities, particularly marginalised and disenfranchised communities.
Examples of class discussions and dialogues have led children to talk about differences between self-interest and community interest, and unpacking differences between equality and equity.
Underpinning their learnings and discoveries, the program interweaves important values and knowledge around diversity, inclusion, social justice and community solidarity.
At the end of program (term) students who have completed the program get a certificate and graduate as a “Community Minded Kid.


Resources & Support

Schools that join the program receive:
– Direct support from Community Minded Kids Representative: initial teacher training and on- going support throughout school term
– Regular check-ins from Community Minds to ensure the school is well supported in delivering the program
– Program resources include CMK bag (one per teacher), 40-page teachers resource guide, Student Community Passbooks (one per student), passbook log sheets, 3 children’s books on Community and personalised and professionally printed CMK certificate per student at graduation
– Teachers will also have access to the Resource Guide, lessons plans/ideas from other schools and other support materials to help them deliver the program.

Program aims

Community Mindedness

Foster community minded thinking in children by linking important community themes to their education and life experiences

Dialogic Learning

Introduce and encourage dialogue and discussions among students about important concepts such as social justice and equality and challenging limited views of community (charity vs. solidarity)


Inspire children to be active citizens and positive contributors to their school and broader community

Community Building Tools

Educate children and provide them with practical tools, teach them about community assets they can tap into and encouraging creative ideas of how they can positively and practically impact their school, neighbourhoods and communities

Collaboration & Solidarity

Encourage and help forge collaborative relationships between the student, school, family and community to promote inclusion, cohesion and community well-being. We encourage students to connect and work with others to help bring about change.

Program Themes & Principles – The 5 E’s


“Community as a place of learning”

Empowerment & Efficacy

“Citizens perceive themselves as powerful and resourceful. They have the power to create and sustain positive change in their communities”


“We are enriched by the relationships, connections and diversity that exists in our community”


“Engaging diverse stakeholders for effective community building”


“Equity refers to fairness and equality in outcomes, not just in supports and opportunity”

If you would like further details about the 5 E’s click here

What participants are saying about the program

Primary School
A number of students were involved in ideas for their discover and do that were impacting wider community rather than just their immediate family/friends community by the end of the program
School catering for children with special needs and diverse abilities
The program was in line with our vision and allowed us to think more creatively in creating a more community minded culture and environment in our school. It provided a platform for our students to contribute to their community based on their own level of ability.
Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs Football Club Kodesolution
The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs have a vision of community cohesion and this program enables our community to be united. The CMK program prompts the kids of our community to think beyond themselves and to discover life from another person’s perspective. CMK empowers kids to have empathy and to act upon that by helping those around them in their own unique way.

Complementing student learning, school curriculum and enhancing students’ wellbeing

Community Minds Kids supports children’s education and helps improve their connection and sense of belonging and purpose in their communities, which supports their health, wellbeing and builds their confidence and self-efficacy.
Contributing to community activities and volunteering can improve children’s self-confidence and sense of place in community (valued citizen).
Whilst on their quest of “Discoveries” and “Do’s” children and young people can learn to deal with challenges, communicate with different people and build up important life skills.

We have ensured that the program:

  • Supports State Education frameworks of Wellbeing across Australia.
  • Intersects, supports and further enhances students learning in Civics and Citizenship which is part of every state education curriculum.

Inclusion of students that have special needs and diverse abilities

One of the main principles we promote and is one of our organizations core value, is inclusion.

At Community Minds, we believe every person, regardless of their physical and learning/intellectual abilities, race, ethnicity, religion, age of lifestyle, has the right to be involved and contribute in their communities. Every person has an asset and gift that is special and can be utilised in building better stronger connected communities.

Community Minded Kids program locations

We are running the program in the following states.

New South Wales
Western Australia

Don't see your state?

Don’t worry, we’ll be branching out to Canberra (ACT), Queensland, Northern Terrority and South Australia in 2022.

Ultimately, Community Minded kids aims to cultivate a generation that thinks “WE” not “ME”. This shift requires conversations, learning opportunities and adults ensuring that learning about community and how we can contribute to its health and prosperity, is an integral part of children’s learning and development.

Want to learn more about our Community Minded Kids program?

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