Community Minded Leaders

What is Community Minded Leaders

Community Minded Leaders (CML) is an initiative that aims to encourage young people to lead change with others in making their community a better place. This is not a specific program, rather an approach and growing initiative that genuinely engages young people in community development and community co-design.
Through mentorship, support and access to community building tools, young people can gain the confidence to participate in community affairs and instigate change.

Community Minded Leaders aims to:

    • Inspire, identify and support young people in (15-24 years old) as Community Minded Leaders
    • Broaden young people’s scope and perception of how they define and relate to community
    • Equip young people with community building skills and knowledge
    • Connect young people with organisations, businesses and networks to support their community initiatives.


Program Overview

What is a Community Minded Leader?


Open to new ideas and concepts that address community issues. Embraces ingenuity and innovative solutions that enhance and develop communities

Enthusiastic & Passionate

about working with others on a project or initiative that benefits other people and improves their communities


They think of creative ways to influence others and bring people together in addressing community challenges or issues

Walking beside people

not in front of them. Views their role as important but does not view leadership from a traditional perspective. They see leadership about strengthening solidarity and not about having people “follow” them

Practice inclusion

they embrace and celebrate diversity and respect different views and encourages everyone’s contribution


they are positive and focus on strengths and assets, as opposed to deficits and problems. They start with what’s working well and amplify that

Creates space for Solutions

Doesn’t offer solutions, rather creates space for solutions to emerge, ensuring that thoughtful conversations have been had and people are genuinely heard and engaged

Support a Young Changemaker

Would you be interested in mentoring, supporting or sponsoring a young person who is building or launching their great community idea? Not only will you help a young person nurture their community idea or vision, but also help them develop skills and confidence that will also benefit them in their personal and professional pursuits.
Your involvement will also provide you with sponsor benefits, highlighting your contribution and support.
We would love to connect you with a Community Minded Leader. Contact us today!